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Fear and Homeless:Part 4

Everyday I experience new levels of challenges and gratitude as Jamie and I take this on.  Today didn’t feel as taxing as other days because I was working all day.  But, I am still so amazed at the response that this homeless fear challenge has generated.  I never intended it to do what it’s done.  And I love that! A friend approached me today, introducing me to his wife as “the homeless guy”. ...

Grateful and Homeless: Part 3

The typical rush of daily life seems to flow a little slower while being homeless and living out of my car.  I’m learning to appreciate the little things: waking up to warm air, hot water, the ease of charging my phone, or somewhere warm and convenient to use the bathroom in the middle of the night! But, something that I didn’t expect, happened this week as life slowed down a little.  My students were busy...

5 more days of Homeless: Part 2

Today is the end of day three!  If your not privy to what has been happening lately read the previous two days of posts (the first being “Irony and 7 days of Homeless: Part 0″.  In short, we are doing what I call a Fear Challenge.  The concept is simple… you identify your a fear and confront it by recreating it as best (and as safely) as possible.  This allows you to experience the irrationality of your...

Irony and 6 more days of Homeless: Part 1

Well… we survived our first night!  It was a little tricky getting into the groove of things… learned a lot!  Here are a few insights and gratitudes that are brewing… I was surprised at the fear of judgment that crept in as Jamie and I were laying in our car and watching people in the [corporation to be nameless] parking lot walking by.  I’m not even sure if they saw us in the dark… but I...

Irony & 7 days of Homeless…Part: 0

Irony often times holds our greatest messages of learning and growth. In my efforts to learn and grow, I have been inspired by the irony of my challenges as I have often looked back, or if I'm lucky, seeing it in the moment. Irony highlights the contrast of where we begin, to where we end in that lesson... Everything we fear losing, is not ours to begin with and has no intrinsic value anyway. YOU, the human being, are what is valuable. It is your intellect, vision, gifts, talents, agency, and will that creates the things we have so foolishly valued and horded.

Healing Family through Communication

If you’re like me, you've learned plenty of communication techniques... but they never seem to work. At some point, things break down and your right back where you started... right? That's because techniques are not always based on principles and therefore can't be applied to every situation.... The people in your life deserve you to say it, even if you said it yesterday, say it again. Say it everyday!...Unfortunately we have mistaken the meaning of communication for monologue and lecture.
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