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How To Improve Relationships With One Question

If you don’t know how to relate to the people around you, you will never know how to create value for them. And VALUE is at the very center of ANY healthy relationship.

Relationship Myth: Feeling Obligated

The Relationship Myth of Feeling Obligated The Relationship Myth that encourages Feeling Obligated in our relationships, is something commonly accepted.  Maybe even “Healthy”.  But… as with many of the “rules” we live by, when we can seek for the courage to question our motives and the outcomes of our choices and actions, we actually discover how dysfunctional these hidden Relationship Myths...

The Myth of “You Complete Me”: Part 2&...

Codependence can be difficult things to heal and overcome because it requires us to completely challenge the way we see and do EVERYTHING! As we learn in this mini series of videos (check out Codependence: Part 1 if you haven't already), this addiction to people (codependence) starts with a misconception of where our worth lies (as well as others)

Are You an “Addict”?… The Truth ...

Here is the irony-- ... that result (which you created ...), re-affirms your original lack of self worth! And so begins a vicious pattern that I call the Avoidance Cycle!...This cycle IS NO DIFFERENT than the cycle of addiction that we so easily judge of others!

Healing Family through Communication

If you’re like me, you've learned plenty of communication techniques... but they never seem to work. At some point, things break down and your right back where you started... right? That's because techniques are not always based on principles and therefore can't be applied to every situation.... The people in your life deserve you to say it, even if you said it yesterday, say it again. Say it everyday!...Unfortunately we have mistaken the meaning of communication for monologue and lecture.

Learn to Overcome ANY family struggle at this Even...

If it doesn't transform your life then you've exchanged 4 hours of your time to find out... but if it does... then you've ONLY exchanged 4 hours of your time to gain that for yourself. Sounds like an easy decision to me! ;) I hope you invest the time!
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